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Please click through the following questions and the Intel Interactive Product selector will instantly provide you with a description of the recommended products and services that Shiva can deliver to help you build a complete remote access, intranet or extranet solution.

1. Please select your desired solution type from the Interactive Product Selector:
Telephone network based remote access (Direct Dial Solution)
Internet based remote access (VPN, Virtual Private Networking Solution)
Combined Telephone Network and Internet based solution (best for most applications) (default)

2. What is your planned ratio of remote access users per port ?

3. How many mobile workers or telecommuters are you are planning to connect to your business network within the next two years? (please enter all that apply)
Total number of people connecting from within local calling area (no toll charges apply)
Total number of people connecting via a toll free (800/888) service (your company pays toll charges)
Total number of people connecting via long distance carrier, credit cards, or Internet service provider

4. How many office, partner and / or customer sites are you planning to network together within the next two years? (please enter all that apply)
Number of locations with less than 50 users
Number of locations with between 51 to 250 users
Number of locations with greater than 250 users

5. Please select types of authentication and authorization functionality you need.
Calendar, time quota, and time-of-day access control
Centralized user list; NT domains, NDS or Netware bindery, RADIUS, TACACS/Plus, LDAP
Support for security tokens (Axent, Security Dynamics, or Vasco)
Support for X.509 digital certificates

6. Do you need a flexible call accounting application that lets you:
  • View individual calling records
  • Generate individual, primary usage, and departmental charge back reports
  • Plot usage characteristics
  • Perform data traffic analyses
  • Imports user records from many popular RADIUS servers
Yes     No

7. Do you need to monitor device status, user status, call status, and the ability to set traps to alert you of suspicious network activity?
Yes     No

8. Do you want us to display the recomended configuration in a spread sheet on your system ?
Yes     No

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